I remember when I first came into recovery. A old-timer said to me keep a slogan in your pocket. When you start to feel the urges come upon you. Pull it out and read it. I remember thinking this dude is crazy. What good is that going to be when I feel like using. I of course didn’t take that suggestion at the time. Because after all I know better right.

It took me a while to understand the importance of the slogans and just how helpful they really are. The slogans are the little gems in my recovery jewelry box. They are subliminal messages with a powerful punch. They are useful reminders that work wonders when I am unable to reach out or read some literature. The slogans for me are quick fixes to help me get back on track when my thinking goes south.

I am not saying that all I need are slogans either. So don’t put words in my mouth or misconstrued what I am saying. Addicts tend to hear what we want to. So I figured I would clear that up real quick. What I am saying is. They help me to stay grounded when things around me are a bit chaotic. I have some of them memorized and quote them to myself. It’s like my music to calm the savage beast.

I understand today what that old-timer was saying. I practice keeping slogans in my pocket and in turn they help me keep my money in my pocket and illegal substances out. I strongly recommend it.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease