I have to admit. The old feelings of failure have been biting at my heels the last couple of weeks. The thoughts that I would never amount to anything and I am useless. worthless, stupid and a failure have been ringing in my head. I am reminded of my past constantly and I have been struggling with shaking those thoughts and feelings. I am sharing this with you because I need to. I need to share the good right along with the bad. I am human, far from perfect and I still struggle with those old thoughts and feelings at times.

I have a habit of always looking for the doom as some people would say, but I don’t see it that way. I have lived the doom all my life so I know a thing or two about it. I know that shit happens. I have caused shit to happen, (self sabotage) witnessed it happen and know for a fact what can happen. I don’t like to always think negatively but I do like to be prepared for it because it does happen. I am not sure if you can understand that. It has nothing to do with trying to always be positive or what you think will happen will happen. It has to do with not being naive, unrealistic or rocked to sleep because things are going well. When life is good and everything’s going my way I can forget sometimes that there will be bad days too. Murphy’s Law. Whatever could go wrong will go wrong.

Anyway. I am drifting off subject.

I have never been much of a risk taker. I lived pretty much in the comfort zone. Believe it or not I was comfortable in my misery in my addiction for a long time. I expected nothing and as a result I got just what I expected. In recovery however I am trying to live a different life and as a result I am taking risks, trying new things and making myself uncomfortable in the process in order to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. I am enjoying this new way of life and would not trade it for the world. I have accomplished many things in the last 3 years and 8 months that I have been clean. I owe it all to my higher power, the fellowship and a willingness to change.

With that being said I have attempted many new things in this time frame and not everything that I took a risk on paid off. I have stumbled many times. I have failed at some of the risks I have taken. I am learning how to deal with failure and not to look at it as a negative thing. I am learning to look at those attempts as a learning experience and not a complete failure. By doing this I have learned that it doesn’t mean that I should give up. It just means that the way I did it didn’t work out at that time. It allows me to have a choice. It allows me to go back to the drawing board and rethink my method, replan my attempt. It allows me to gather more information to add to the information I already have. I already know what didn’t work because I now have the experience from trying. Experience I would not otherwise have had if I did not take the risk in the first place.


This is mind blowing for me because I never looked at failing at something as a good thing or a learning experience. I used to just give up and be depressed, frustrated, angry and defeated. I would allow the negative self talk to talk me right out of trying it again or trying anything else for that matter. I would allow it to keep me stuck in my comfort zone slowing dying from the unsatisfied, unworthy, useless feelings. I have been in that rut for years. I no longer choose to live in my comfort zone of complacency. Today I choose to move forward with my life no matter what.

I have recently took a risk.

I was sick and tired of the work I was doing for quite some time. I was unhappy at work and it was spilling over into my personal life at home. It was affecting my spirit and I was feeling like I was drowning in my sorrows. I stayed on this job, in this field way past the expiration date and it was beginning to take it’s toll on my well being. I knew I had to do something and I had to do it quick. I decided to end my relationship with the company I worked for. I have been with them for 7 years and I felt it was time to part ways. I resigned and wrote the post – RETIRED FROM THE BALL AND CHAIN WAS SCARY. STARTING ANEW IS ALSO SCARY. BUT STAYING THE SAME IS THE SCARIEST.  That post was written 2 months ago.

It’s funny how time flies, but even funnier how some things remain the same. I am still very excited about becoming a real estate investor. I have been putting in a lot of work. Searching properties, learning how to contact owners, write contracts, make offers, deal with realtors, sending out direct mail campaigns, creating websites, posts, flyers and listing the company in online directories. I have learned a lot in the last 2 months since retiring from my 9 to 5. I am proud of myself for taking the risk to do something to make my life and my families life better. But with all my efforts and all the hard work I have still yet to buy my first property. I have hit more roadblocks and obstacles than I anticipated and as I stated in the beginning of this post. I am starting to doubt myself. I am starting to lose hope and I am starting to feel like the failure that my disease will have me think that I am. Now I know that these are just feelings. I know that better things are just around the corner. I know that if I give up now that I will be selling myself short. I know all this but that doesn’t mean that I do not feel the things that I am feeling. The difference is what I do about it. I could give up and allow the negative thoughts to once again dictate my life or I can dig deeper and strap in for the ride.

Although I have been struggling with getting my business off the ground. I refuse to throw in the towel. I realize that first of all. I have not been doing this for long. 2 months is not enough time to evaluate my success or failure in this business. Secondly I have to realize who is doing the talking, my addiction, those thoughts have always tried to sabotage my efforts and I always believed them. NOT TODAY. I am determined to succeed. So I will go back to the drawing board. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have gained and will use that to my advantage. I will start my day over as many times as I have to. I will shake as many trees, call as many sellers, knock on as many doors as necessary. I will keep the focus where it belongs on moving forward.

Nothing worth having comes over night. I will use my tools to get me through this. One day at a time.

Peace and blessings

Eric Ease





On this day back in 1937 my father was born. In August of 2001 my father had his home coming.

I remember my Father as a strick, hard working man. He made sure his boys knew the basics. As I got older and my addiction settled in my Father became my enabler of sorts. No matter how hard he fought he always came through. He tried his best to keep me from going to prison again and again. He tried his best to help me see the error of my ways. I was too caught up in the grips and ignored his every warning.

Before my Father passed away he was able to see me living a semi better life. He had seen me at my worse and he seen my struggling to try to get clean. Unfortunately he never got to see me clean. He never got to see his son get past his demons.

I never got to express to my Father how much I appreciate everything he had done for me and how much I love him. I never really had the opportunity to properly grieve his death and am still heartbroken. I still come to tears when I think about him and am crying now as I write this.

I miss my Father. He was my friend. I am feeling sad, depressed, angry and frustrated. I am going through it. I will get through it. I know he is smiling down on me and proud of where I am at today.

Happy birthday Pops

Peace and blessings

Eric Ease



I keep hearing people say feelings aren’t facts. What the fuck does that mean. It’s a fact that in active addiction I was feeling sad, angry, lonely, confused, worthless, hurt, pain and misery. It’s a fact that today I feel happy, hopeful, useful and plain ole amazingly great. So if feelings aren’t facts then tell me what are they.

I am grateful for the process of recovery. I have found out that I can Feel things other than anger. I can do more than just hold resentments and plot revenge. I can release those feelings by talking about them. I can gain an understanding of them by sharing them with others who may have been feeling the same way at some time. It’s a relief to be able to get things off my chest and not stuff them and hurt myself.
Now honestly speaking all that sounds good and is good but I have to actually apply it to my life. When situations arise I need to be ready, willing and able to use these tools that I have readily available to me. Because after all, I can create problems in my head that aren’t really there and then have feelings behind those imaginary problems. Which can cause me to act out in more ways than using. I have been there and done that.

Not today Jose.

I am still a work in progress. I am thankful that I remember that. That I am in a process not a race. That I don’t get frustrated and run away. I fall short at times and revert back to the old method of grinding my teeth and having tantrums. I can admit my faults and can only practice getting better at them…

One Day At A Time.