Good afternoon beautiful people. As we draw near to November. I look back to the beginning of this blog. I pray that in e 10 years that I have been writing, that I have helped someone by sharing my journey with you. It saddens me to know that I will no longer be posting after I reach the 10 year milestone. A lot has changed along my journey in recovery and my life in general since 2001.o have grown. I’ve had many ups and downs, I am grateful that I found a higher power that has carried me through it all. I am grateful for everyone who has read, replied, commented and for the relationships that have been formed right here on this blog. The support and encouragement has meant the world to me.

Thank you all

Peace and blessings


4 thoughts on “THE END OF AN ERA

  1. Hey Eric. That is sad news, (selfishly speaking from my end😀), but you know what is best for you.
    I have appreciated each of your posts, and getting to know you, seeing the progress you have made in many ways. Proud to know you, calling you a friend, and Brother in Christ.
    I am hoping we can continue to stay in touch, when your blogging days are over.
    God’s Blessings as you venture on.

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    • Hey George, thank you my friend for being on this journey with me. I truly appreciate your all of your support, and encouragement. I would definitely like to keep in touch with you. God bless you brother.


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