In the midst of the storm

I am sitting in my living room watching game 7 of the NBA playoffs between the clippers and the Mavs and reminiscing about the days when I was younger playing ball. Sitting here saying to myself one day I will be able to bounce a ball and run again. I believe that. I understand that while in the midst of a storm. I need to be mindful on what I focus my attention on. what I give the most attention to gains power. Focusing on my limitations will only prolong my suffering. Focusing on the desired outcome will help that outcome to become a reality. I keep telling myself that I am stronger than I think. I always give thanks to the lord for sparing my life and walking with me through my current situation. I believe that my breakthrough is coming and I am practicing being patient. It’s not easy. As an addict I am used to instant gratification. I want what I want and I want it now. But the reality of life is that life very rarely works that way. I am learning to trust that God hears my prayers and sees my struggle and he already has a solution in play. I just need to stay in position to receive the blessings he has in store for me.

To be honest, it is easier said than done my need to try and control outcomes has taught me that control is not within my power. So therefore I must trust in God and await the results of my faith and trust in God’s truth.

Thank you as always for taking the time to read my post and I welcome your feedback.

Peace and blessings ❤️


4 thoughts on “In the midst of the storm

  1. Your motivation and determination always inspire me to keep going no matter what life throws my way.

    Sending hugs, live, light and prayers always,


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    • Thank you Vicky. I appreciate your love, support and encouragement. You have shown me over the years. I am grateful to know you I feel like we’ve known each other for a very long time. You always make me smile when I read your comments. I need that Thank you again and again.


  2. Hey Eric. God’s Blessings Friend. Thanks for posting another uplifting, inspiring, message many of us, including me, need to read. Our focus needs to be on Jesus, He is our Strength at all times, in every situation.
    Impatience comes so naturally. But if we use the time we have to draw closer to God, seeking a stronger relationship, and more understanding, we will have greater Peace.
    Thanks again Eric. You have once again brightened my night, focusing on what God’s plan may be for me to do in the future, rather than looking in the past at what I can no longer do.
    God’s Abundant Blessings. Stay Safe, take Care.

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    • Hello George. Amen. I am keeping my focus on God’s promises. Especially NO Weapon formed against me shall prosper. IAs long as I keep my focus on where I get my strength from. I am continuing to make progress and not give up on dreams and goals. I am using my time to draw closer to God and meditating on his Word. Thank you George for always taking the time to ready posts and leave me comments. I definitely appreciate your support. God bless you my friend

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