Life is full of ups and downs. It’s not about what happens to me but more about how I respond to what has happened to me. No matter how you look at it life is wonderful and full of many blessings. Some good and some not so much again its more about how I choose to look at it and respond to it.

I’ve heard people say that prayer does not work. I totally disagree with that it’s the individual who does not work. After all prayer is only part of the equation you have to do your part in order to make it a reality. But I do not pray for materialistic things. I pray for God to bless us all I also pray that I can become an even better person and to treat people with respect. I used to pray for my higher power to please just get me out of this mess one more time and I will never do it again. We all know how that worked out only to be right back in the same situations time and time again. Not anymore. Anytime I pray for something today. I have to be ready to do the work so I also pray for guidance and strength to carry out the mission to the best of my ability.

I have been feeling very depressed lately and I am praying for some relief and comfort. I will be beginning a workout in the gym starting again this weekend. It’s time to resume my healing process. I am grateful for where I am and a year ago today

I was in a wheelchair but thanks to God’s grace and mercy today I am walking with my cane next chapter no cane coming soon.

If no one told you that they love you today. I love you. Keep fighting Struggles only make us stronger. They do not last forever.

Peace and blessing

Eric Ease 2020

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