I am so filled with gratitude. Today is my 6year Anniversary. God’s grace and mercy has allowed me to get and stay clean for 6 whole years. As I sit here reading some of my earlier posts when I was struggling to stay clean. I cannot help but feel a sense of gratitude. I have come a long way from then to now. Wow and Thank you is all I can say

Thank you. To my higher power and to all the wonderful people God has placed in my life. I could not have done it without you. God knows. If you read any of my earlier posts you’d know. I tried to do this alone. I came to realize that I needed help. I became willing to accept that help and became open minded to a new way of life. A life without the use of any mood or mind altering substances. Go figure. Me never use drugs again. I thought I was going to die high. That was aways the plan, until I became open to finding a God of my own understanding. Not my Mother’s or Grand mother’s God. But my own. My life has changed dramatically and again I am so grateful.

My life has been spared on a number of occasions. Just recently. Surviving a major stroke and the loss of my beloved mother imstill standing tall. I did not feel that was a good enough reason for me to go back to getting high. I already know what that life is about. I love my life in recovery too much to go back to living like that again. No thank you. I will keep on moving forward towards and even better life. Sharing the hope is a whole lot better than sharing misery with miserable people.

I’m impressed with myself. I’ve held on through hell and high water and cam out clean. 🎁🎁Go Me 6years is a long time. It’s been a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing. Not a damn thing.

Life is Good on this side of the tracks. No turning back β€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Thank you for allowing me to share.

Peace and blessings

Eric Ease 2019 β™₯️

4 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. 6 years! I’m so proud of you. You’ve come a long way since you first began. I’m grateful to be on this recovery road with you. You have inspired me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a shining example of how we don’t pick up no matter what! I continue to pray for your healing from the stroke. Your determination, courage and motivation are admiral. πŸ’–

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    • Thank you so much Vicky. I truly appreciate your support and encouragement throughout the years we have known each other. I am equally grateful to be on this journey with you.and thankful for your friendship β™₯️


  2. Thank you for sharing God’s Goodness and Faithfulness, along with your obedience, Eric.
    As you know, God had His hand on you, protecting you, and was calling you for a long time, but never forced Himself. When you answered, turned to Jesus in obedience, He was there still, and moved into your life.
    Now, God is powerfully working in you and through you, touching so many others that you will never know until you arrive in Heaven some day in the distant future, unless the rapture comes first.
    You have been, are, a blessing Eric, as you have shared honestly and openly about your struggles and trials. And even more so, as you have been sharing about the victories in your life, even through the recent physical battles, knowing God is always with you, and is your Strength.
    Thanks again Eric, for your friendship from a distance now. Looking forward to meeting you face to face in Heaven, when we all have perfect, healthy bodies, better than ever before.

    God Bless you my Friend,

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    • Thank you George. For your friendship I always appreciate your support and encouragement. God has placed us in each other’s lives and we will definitely meet face to face one day. God bless you too brother
      Have a blessed weekend. πŸ™πŸ™

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