Recovery and Recovering

Good day all.I can say with pride. Thar while I am Recovering from my stroke, The passding of my dear mother. My journey inRevcoveryfrom active addiction is as strong if not stronger than ever. I am still suffering from paralysis my left side and some cognitive issues and tests from the lower power putting active addicts in my household.I have been stressed lately. I am very forgetful at times.But i will never forget where i came from and the damage that drugs and the lifestyle did to me and others. The lower power is active in my life today trying its best to push me to that point of using but they do not know who they messing stronger than them. i forgive them their ignorance. i will never allow anyone to steal my joy. i will cut you off at the knees before i go out like a sucker. so kick rocks you lame asses.I have still not found a reason to go back to using.Even after all that i have been through so far this year.

There are some in my life now pretending to give a fuck about my well being, there are some who would try to take advantage of my state of mind and use my forgetfulness to their advantage so they think. in reality I am still as sharp as a tac. i set the stage and they take the bait everytime. well the gig is just about up. i will surrender. i am beginning to believe i will be better off not fighting anymore. i need to move on.

As I continue to get better I am starting to gain some clarity.I am not happy about it but someone once told me that i am never stuck, being stuck is a choice. i am responsible for my recovery and for my happiness.


The journey continues…..

Peace and Blessings



13 thoughts on “Recovery and Recovering

  1. Oh My…why you wanna always make me cry? I am so overwhelmed by your progress, it is makin my eyes water. 🙂 I am Godly Proud of you Lil Brother, personally I was not ever worried about your recovery, I was more concerned about your “mental” health. I know when I was going through my “health issues”, Drinking/Using did not cross my mind, but I was suicidal more often than I was comfortable with. Thanking God and the 12 Step process for keeping me, while I Struggled. I Praise and Thank God for you, daily. Even if I don’t respond all the time, or talk to you…please know you are in my heart and on my mind daily. Hugs n Love

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  2. God Bless You Eric. So happy to see the strength you have, and the willpower, not to turn back. Jesus Christ is True Strength, and is walking with you continually.
    Don’t be afraid to reach out.

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