The Struggle is real

Goodmorning, eafternoon or evening depending on your time zone. I pray that while you are reading this all is well in your world. As many of you already know. i am recovering from a major stroke that has left me partially paralyzed on my left side. I am truly grateful to be alive and able to do certain things so please do not confuse this post as me complaining for i am just venting my frustratios and how i am feeling right now

Just for today. ihave learned a valuable lesson as a result of my present circumstances. i am loved. i am a lot stronger than i give myself credit for. i have taken a lot of life for granted. i never realized how truly blessed i was to be able to do some of the simple every day things. that we don’t think too much about, like brushing my teeth and getting dressed taking a showerall simple stuff right. i now realize being unable to do some of those things without help how much i have taken for granted. how ungrateful i have been.

i have been spared many times in my life. the first major blessing brought me into recovery, my life was spared the horrors of active addiction. believe me there were plenty of blessings in my addiction too. i could have died on many occasions but my life was spared. once again this year. while i laid on my bathroom floor alone for 3 days after suffering a stroke and hitting my head on the toilet and as i lay there i had the opportunity to get closer to my higher power. i

Although. i came to truly believe in a power greater than myself as a result of becoming a member of the fellowship and my life started to change for the better. i have witnessed blessing after blessing as a result of getting and staying clean.i believe because. i am a walking, talking miricle,



i have had a spiritual awakening as a result of rude awakening.

my gratitude is super charged right now.


but I wouldn’t be telling thr truth if i left out i am struggling right now trying to get back  whewre i was before the stroke mentaly, spiritually anf physically.


i put in the work and i am making some great progress but being an addict, i want what i want and i want it now.. i know i only have power of the work i put in not the results. i will let God be God and not attempt to control the outcome of my therapy.


i am a survivor…..

after all the name of this blog says it all

FROM STRUGGLE TO STRENGTH.this too shall pass.


Peace and blessings

Eric Ease




8 thoughts on “The Struggle is real

  1. Dearest Eric you remain in my prayers. I can’t imagine how scared you must have been laying on the floor all alone. Thank goodness you believe in a higher power. I’m sure that gave you some peace of mind. Just as you have beaten the odds from living in active addictions you will recover from the stroke. I continue to be inspired by the courageous, strong warrior that is you.


  2. Yo Eric, I am surprised and saddened to hear of your current situation. Once again you come through showing tremendous courage and that is inspiring. All I can say is stay up brother and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Peace


  3. You know me, very well I might add, and like you..writing is what I do. But, at this very moment I am at a total loss for words. All that is coming to me is “I Love you and I am so grateful that God gave you to me as my Little Brother in Recovery”. The Blessings of our Disease. If we had not been there…we couldn’t/wouldn’t be here. Hugs n Love


  4. I can only try to imagine how frustrating life must be at times for you my friend but you are showing maturity AND spirituality with this post! It would be so easy to allow resentment creep in and yet you’re showing gratitude and understanding about your predicament -how enlightening is that for me to read. I can only hope that I would be as gracious if this happened to me! It shows your strength and courage with the love of your HP behind you. Indeed this too will pass 🙏🏼

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