i am strugglingwith acceptance

i am really hsving s hard time accepting my current situation. Not being able to just get up snd walkwhenever iwant to is hnot being able to lift my arm to scratch my headis also a little frustrating.i remind myselfas i sit herer typing with 1 hand  that i am blessed that is theleast of my problems. i know many others who hsve had strokes and were not as fortunate as i am. i should keep my complaints to myself.


I am truly grateful thaT ai have a great support network. my wife especially has been my rock throughout this whole ordeal.She is amazing, i thank god for her

13 thoughts on “i am strugglingwith acceptance

  1. Nothing wrong with having an out to vent frustration, nothing wrong with complaining as it gives others who you have inspired voice to let you know how special you are, strength that you have is what you need to keep fighting. Shit never stops bruv, peace and love always


  2. My Dearest E, you know how much I truly love and admire you. I have witnessed your “Struggle to Strength”, and this is like the weather broadcast Baby…it’s only a test. I have read The Big Book, and The Bigger Book and neither say this Life is gonna be easy, in fact, they declare the opposite. They do however, say that the Rewards are Great! Let’s begin with Blessing # 1} you are still Alive, 2} Your Wife..uh she actually falls into Blessings 3,4 & 5} Blessing 6} you are still Clean and Sober, Blessing 7} You have all of us, Blessing 8} There is always Hope for Tomorrow, Blessing 9 & 10} Your Struggle just Blessed Somoene Else who thought they couldn’t make it another moment. You, in my heart and mind are the Epitome of “Rarely Have We Seen A Person Fail”…. Love You

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  3. Dear Eric
    It must be so very difficult for you right now – it does seem incredibly cruel that given your journey you are having to experience this! You have the tools of the program to help you thro this is the only thing I can say in words of encouragement without straying into unsolicited advice! What I do know of you is you’re a fighter and whilst it’s frustrating right now you will get to where you want to be or at least very close ( progress not perfection!) Addiction is about quick fix you’re beyond that my friend! Voicing your frustrations here is good btw, it’s better to get them out and hopefully get support and wisdom 🙏🏼 Sending love and healing prayers

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  4. Brother Eric we have known each other on here for a long time !!! I am so sorry about the stroke !!! We never know what the next day holds !!! But if anyone can come back from this my brother it is you !!! You are one of the strongest men I know !!! That’s why my mom always taught no matter what you are going thru and I am going thru some shit may be homeless soon !! She always said someone has it worse !!! Know this my brother no matter what I am here for you !! If you need me to be I will be in North Carolina !!! Love you. My brother

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  5. I am thankful you are able to type still. Eric, even one handed. Your wife sounds like a gem. Just like mine, as she helped me get thru colon cancer, then a stroke.
    God has given her the strength I lack, so she keeps going, doing what needs to be done. Now I have just been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, so no rest for her yet.
    Keep on chugging along Eric. With Our Lord Jesus, and our wives, we can get through. And you have age on your side also, still being young.
    God’s Blessings my Friend. Always look forward to your posts.

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