The lies.
You know the ones we tell ourselves. I’m not good enough. I can’t do it. I will never change. I’m not worthy. So on and so on.

The sad part is that I believed those lies for years. I’ve told myself these lies for so long that I couldn’t see past them to the truth. I was stuck in a cycle of pity and self loathing. Low self esteem helped to drive the nails home that sealed my coffin. I was or at least I thought I was finished. I couldn’t seem to find a way out. I continued along in my cycle destined to remain the same with no hope of ever changing.

I didn’t realize then what I know now.

I did not know that my addiction ran deeper than the drugs that I was consuming. I didn’t know that my addiction started long before I ever picked up that first-time. I never knew that I have  built in self destruction that is hell bent on destroying me and it starts and ends with my thinking. I didn’t know that if I change my thinking, I could change my life.

I am what I tell myself I am.

It all depends on the thoughts that I focus on. The thought that I feed will be the thought that wins. It’s really just as simple as that. If I tell myself that I cannot do something and I feed that thought by listing all the reasons why I can’t do it. I will eventually talk myself right out of trying it. Therefore I have failed without even having given a ounce of effort. And as a result I will remain the same. In the same frame of mind, the same circumstances  and will continue to get the same results.

On  the other hand,

When I quite those negative thoughts and allow the positive thoughts to take their rightful place. Feed those thoughts with positive reinforcement, hope, faith, optimism and add actions to it. I can and will see different results. I will in turn begin to gain the courage and self esteem therefore establishing the confidence to continue and create a new habit.

That habit is the beginning of the transformation of change.
It starts and ends with me recognizing my own bullshit and stopping the vicious cycle before it takes hold. Killing it at the roots.

Peace and blessings.

Eric Ease

6 thoughts on “DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE LIES

  1. “The thought that I feed will be the thought that wins.” Wise words. I should stick them on my kitchen door.

    It’s good to find your blog again. I first read your posts around about January or February 2015. At the time, my son was in prison for a drug-related crime, and my daughter was in drug-related psychosis. She was using a complex cocktail, and her organs were in danger of closing down. Her boyfriend had recently died of a heroin overdose, and her death also seemed imminent. Your success, and your inspiring posts helped me to cope.

    A blogging friend took our difficulties on board in a big way. He told me that he knew my daughter was going to recover, and began praying for my family every night. Bloggers all over the world followed suit. The result has been a twin miracle. My daughter is in recovery, and is being cared for by a friend who iseaching her to drive, to care for his horses, and to service and repair vehicles. She plans, in September, to start a motor mechanics course. My son is also in recovery, and at the age of 29, starts his first job on Friday.

    It’s been a long struggle, which began way back in 2001, with their introduction to cannabis. Looking back, I feel lucky. Despite several close calls, my children are still alive, and their minds are intact. They were both using heroin and crack at the beginning of this year, so it’s early days, and I know we have a long way to go, but I feel happy at last.

    Thank you for your blog. I’m sure many others have gained strength from it, as I have. I understand that your primary purpose is to support addicts into, and through recovery, but I want you to know that you help their families too.

    God bless you, for your generous spirit, your compassion, and your intelligent mind.

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    • Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them more than I can ever express in words. I am both thankful and grateful that I was able to bring you some comfort and hope in your time of need. I am especially thankful to hear that your son and daughter are doing well and in recovery. It’s a beautiful thing to know that. Recovery has given me and so many others our lives back. I know too many who have not been as lucky. Thank you for sharing the hope with me. Congratulations to you for never losing faith and to your children for taking the risk and changing their lives. It’s well worth it. Families brought back together. I love it. Have a blessed evening my friend. God bless you.

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