As I look back over the last 3 years, I am amazed at all the things that I have accomplished . It wasn’t to long ago that I was in a state of utter desperation and despair. I was lost, lonely and fighting,  what I thought was a losing , pointless battle .

Through God’s grace and mercy . Yesterday I celebrated 3 years clean of any and all mind and mood altering substances. (Except for those Damn cigarettes) . I never thought that I could do it. I never imagined that I would ever stop using . I believed deep down that I was a lost cause and for many years lived to prove just that.

I couldn’t have been more mistaken . I was misinformed. Everything that I thought I knew about myself and my life was a lie. Lies that we’re formed in insecurity, low self esteem and self hatred. Lies that we’re formed following others instead of being the leader that I was destined to be.

Recovery has changed my life. I am learning to think differently and as a direct result, I am living differently. I am finally experiencing the life that I was meant to live. I have found the freedom that I believed was only meant for others. I am learning to live life as it is not as I would like it to be. I am a changed man and truly grateful.  I have been blessed to live 2 lives in 1 lifetime. That is a precious gift that I will never again take for granted .

Thank you to everyone who believed in me when I did not believe in myself.

Peace and blessings

Eric Ease