So yesterday I was feeling disappointed and a little discouraged about something that I am all to familiar with. It’s a well known practice amongst the hiring world, the powers that be. It’s the discriminatory practice of the criminal background check. Now don’t get me wrong. I believe that it’s is needed, there are some nefarious people out there. In some cases it is necessary and definitely warranted. But in other cases. Well there needs to be some kind of guidelines and exceptions.

In my active addiction I racked up quite a few charges and sadly at the time didn’t know how badly it would affect the future me.. I have the misfortune of feeling those affects now. The fact that my records date back to the early 80s and the worst of my offenses happened in 1992. Now for those of us who know, that’s 24 years ago. I am still being prosecuted in a sense and am still serving that sentence.

I wonder if the powers that be even know that it has been that long. Do they bother to read the charges and the years of the convictions. Or do they just automatically render a judgment simply because there is a charge there. I tend to think it’s the latter. I believe that if they would bother to further investigate they would see that I am not that same person. If they took the opportunity to get to know me and evaluate my skills they would be amazed at just what I am capable of.

I have struggled with the issues of my past for years. I often wondered what, if anything I could do about it. Until recently I thought I couldn’t do anything. A few years ago I applied for a certificate of relief from disabilities from the state parole board and received it. Unfortunately it does very little and doesn’t hold much weight. The reason being no one gets to see it. They don’t ask if you have one on applications. They only ask if you have been convicted of a crime. I am currently looking into having my convictions expunged. I am reading up on the process and will be seeking some guidance in that area.

So my dialema is getting past the background check in order to actually get to express who I truly am. I am a survivor, I am no longer able to quit, get frustrated and use behind the feelings. Today I am equipped with a network of people who offer support and suggestions. I am able to take a minute to reevaluate the situation. I have tools to vent my frustrations and get the feedback that I need when I might not be seeing too clearly.

Yesterday’s disappointment
Is today’s determination.

Thank you to everyone who commented and offered suggestions on yesterday’s post. Your Love, Support and Encouragement helped me more than you can ever imagine. I am truly Grateful and Blessed to have such a great support network of friends.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease


  1. I’m praying you find the best job for you. It might be with a smaller company with less distance between decision makers and applicants who are willing to go the extra mile, but that’s just a guess. I’m wondering what traits, skills and experience could over-ride your past record if they were known, things that would make you stand out as the best person for the job. I’m sure there are many. Best wishes!


  2. Truth be told, there are hiring “professionals” who don’t know how to read a background check. If there has been any arrest, even one dismissed by the state, they reject the applicant. What makes matters worst is that people who were never arraigned have to dig in their pocket to pay the costs to have the arrest expunged although the state dismissed the charge.

    If you check on the Admin side for comments you can get my email address. Feel free to email me if you want to talk about expungement. I will need to know what state you reside in.

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  3. Yay go Eric!! I guess this was what it was about good luck with sorting this out it seems so unfair that things that happened nearly a quarter of a century ago have to affect the new Eric! At least there is the chance with the system you have over there to get them expunged. Knew you would bounce back 😊 X

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    • Thank you. Yes this situation has been a thorn in my side for years. It’s about time to do something about it. I appreciate your help. Your suggestions and identification always brighten my day Karen. Thanks again my friend.

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