I am grateful for the opportunity to continue learning. To advance and further my education. Recovery has afforded me many things, but the most important thing I am getting out of this journey is finding out who I am and  what I like.

Fear has kept me from exploring new things. Fear of failure as well as fear of success. Fear of change and fear of leaving my old familiar pain. Yes that was a fear of mines. I actually had gotten so used to my familiar pain that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it without it. Crazy as it might sound it’s true and that’s my distorted addicts thinking.

For a long time I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. Where or what I wanted to be. I was at a loss because I never thought about it. I never thought I would ever get out of the drug induced life that I lived for so many years. So thinking about a future seemed to be a waste of time. I was wrong and I thank God for helping me to see that I am worthy of so much more.

Being a recovering addict who is working my program to the best of my ability. I am finding new pathways, exploring new avenues and blazing new trailways. I am open to new and exciting  adventures and am living a life beyond anything I ever imagined possible. Recovery and spirituality have changed my life. Lost dreams have been awakened and new possibilities are arising.


I am looking forward to the next exciting chapter in many chapters of my new life. I am about to embark on a journey that has brought me pleasure as a child and has been sparked again as an adult. Photography. 📸 I love taking pictures and I have enrolled in a course which will teach me the fundamentals and the advanced techniques. I am excited, exhilarated, scared, nervous and anxious all at the same time.

😁 Overall I’m happy about the whole damn thing. I would not trade the way I feel for nothing in the world.

Peace and blessings

Eric Ease


  1. Hey Eric, thank you for another good post. I found this particularly interesting, with your heading. Years ago, I had similar thoughts, almost, but in reverse. I have added one word “not” to your statement, showing how I felt. “You will never become who you want to be if you keep blaming everyone else for who you are not.”
    I could find a number of people to blame for blocking me, or turning me from becoming the person I wanted to be, and the person I believe God desired me to be at a young age. It was so easy to reflect to the past, and pick out individuals who did or said things to direct my life in a different direction. It was also easy to see where I was, and see my plate of goals sitting empty.
    Until I realized it was me, myself, I who made the decisions I made, and took ownership of them, I sat where I was, complaining of others. Once realized, I could ask forgiveness of God, I could free the other negative thoughts from my mind, and move forward.
    Even after all that time passed, I discovered God still had a plan for me, and would use me.
    Thanks for the opportunity to write this out and share.
    God’s Blessings Eric.

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    • Wow. I can really identify with everything you wrote. I blamed others for years. I really could never think that I was ever the blame. Until I became willing to accept responsibility for my actions and decisions I remained stuck in a never ending cycle of resentments and anger. Thank you George. For always sharing your thoughts and identification. I truly appreciate it my friend. Have a fantastic day.


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