In active addiction. The world 🌍 owed me everything. I was done wrong. I was entitled to reimbursement for all my pain, misery and suffering. I was damn sure going to collect every dime from every one of yall too. I had it all figured out and all was going to be fine. Wow. Talk about  delusional.

I blamed every one and every thing for my situations, circumstances and all my outcomes. Never once taking any responsibility for they way my life turned out. For the decisions that I myself made. And even when all the evidence pointed at me from every direction. I still blamed you. I was unable to conceive or comprehend that I was the problem. It was unthinkable, unspeakable and definitely unbelievable.

That was the mind of a mad man. The insanity was real and so was the struggle. In the end. No.. way before the end when I was finally able to admit it to myself. I still couldn’t admit it to anyone else. I suffered because when I needed help, ego and image still ruled. Even when my life was at its worse. I couldn’t become humble and ask for help. I didn’t know how. I didn’t know that it was OK to ask for help. That it’s not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of true strength.

I am finding freedom now that I am learning to let go of all the nonsense that I was taught and have come to believe. I have been blessed to find a new way. A way that works as long as I get involved and not sit back and act like I am owed something. It works when I am a active participant in my own life. When I strive to make a difference and take part in the active change of my own situations and circumstances and see the difference in the outcomes.

The world and it’s residents don’t owe me shit. Actually it’s the other way around.


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