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I have been nominated for The Dedicated Blogger Award by my friend Xena author of the blog We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident. I truly appreciate the nomination and am very honored. I especially feel thankful because it’s always a great feeling when someone acknowledges your work. I feel a sense of gratitude because I know that by me telling my story I am helping others. I look forward to continuing writing my story and sharing it with the world in hopes that it helps.

5 thoughts on “A HEARTFELT THANK YOU

  1. Wow! Fantastic news Eric. You deserve this nomination. Your blog has been so inspirational to me. It’s made me look inside myself. It’s taken me back in time. It’s helped me see where I’ve grown and where I still need to work on myself. Proud to call you friend!


  2. Congratulations Eric. You are very deserving of the nomination for “Dedicated Blogger Award”. Your heart felt thoughts are a blessing to many. You have a great talent for writing also. God Bless You my Friend.

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  3. Congratulations on your nomination – a well deserved nomination as you are helping so many…in fact I am acutely aware when you don’t post, as that seems to mean something is troubling you? Or at least that’s my interpretation ( even if you are just busy with life!) keep your thoughts coming you bring so much hope to so many – much love and congratulations again 😀

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    • Thank you Karen. Yes life shows up and it gets busy at times. I have made a commitment to pay more attention to posting and reading others posts. I truly appreciate the fact that you notice when I don’t post for a while and for all your support and encouragement. Thank you Karen for being my friend. Have a great day.

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