I have been trying to find what it is that I want to do lately as you all know. I have been running myself ragged thinking, thinking and more thinking but wasn’t putting forth any action.Then I had made a decision to focus more on my blog and start posting, reading and commenting more. Getting back to the basics of why I started my blog in the first place but also wanting to take it to new levels. I have been reading new blogs and posting comments, following new blogs and reaching out to other blogs that are not recovery oriented as well. I also have been promoting my blog on social media outlets and even inviting guest bloggers to submit articles about their own experiences in this wonderful journey of recovery.

I feel good because I said I wanted to do something and I focused on doing it and but forth the action required. I have been talking a lot about doing this or that but not putting the action behind my words and I was feeling a little stagnated. I was stuck in a old but familiar place. Comfortable in being in a safe place. A zone of taking no risks so I would not be  disappointed. Safe in the zone of fear of moving forward for fear of failure. That old attitude and behavior that kept me sick for so, so long. I thank my support system for all the encouragement and love that they have given me over the last 2 years. I would not be where I am today if I had continued to try to do this alone.

I know all to well what happens when I begin to feel that I should not try to do new things. The old thinking creeps back in and tries to convince me that I am not worthy of any of the gifts that await me and that I should not try to move on my ideas, dreams and goals because I will just fail and feel miserable all over again. Well to those thoughts I say


I am a different person today. I am not that same old scared to do anything person. Today I look forward to moving out of my comfort zone and although it is difficult at times I want something better for myself and I have to move in order to get it. If I stay stuck in yesteryear I will get those same stale results. I want fresh new results and I am determined to see them come to fruition.


New beginnings.

I have a wonderful woman in my life today and she is truly amazing. She has the spark that I have been missing and I draw from her energy. She is her own woman and is very independent. (I Love That). My woman is starting a new journey and it really has been an eye opener. I watch her and the enthusiasm that she displays and it motivates me to want to do better. She’s smart, sexy, has determination and a vision. She has goals and she is not afraid to go after them. She is definitely a go getter. Boss Lady. I love her and I want to do whatever it takes to make our dreams a reality. I know that whatever we decide to do, wherever we decide to go we as a team can make anything happen. I look forward to having a partner to grow with and to build with. This is new territory and if I was to say it’s not a little scary I would be lying. But fear will not stand in the way of my happiness. Not today.

I truly believe that this is my time. I can feel it and for me to just sit back and watch it slip away again would be a tragedy and a waste of another perfect opportunity. I think I’ve done that enough in my lifetime. The time for action is now.


  1. Hey Eric, that is fantastic news, that you have a lady friend, and you are so happy. I am happy for you my friend. Also proud to know you as a friend, as I see / read your progress, and even more so, your desire and new found drive.
    As you know Eric, I appreciate your blog, and it is exciting that you are contemplating writing more. BUT-how about writing a book, your bio, and it would also be an encouragement to many. Just a thought my friend, if you haven’t started yet, or started to think of it. I am first in line to buy a copy. 😀 I am getting oldER though Eric, so time is getting shorter. God”s Blessings my friend.

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    • Thank you George. I am very happy at the moment. She is amazing and we work and play well together.Lol. I am grateful to have you as a friend George even if we never met its like we’ve known each other for some time now. I always appreciate and look forward to your comments. You’re support and encouragement has helped me on more than one occasion. I definitely plan to write more posts and connect with more people. I have a plan in place to start writing my autobiography and I am currently editing excerpts from my blog to add I have a lot of content here and it only goes back to 2011. My story started way way before that so I have some digging to do. I look forward to the challenge. I appreciate you wanting to be the first in line George that just made my day and helped to reinforce my belief that writing a book is a good idea. Thank you my friend. I will definitely let you know when it is done. You will be the first to know. Peace and blessing George.


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