I had the privilege of sharing my experience, strength and hope at a detox unit yesterday. I have done it before and I always get a sense of satisfaction when I leave. I remember when it was me sitting there and H&I would come to the facility to share the hope. I didn’t get the message because I was not ready to stop using. I wasn’t ready because I believed that I would never stop using.

As I was sharing I was looking at each individual and couldn’t help but wonder if I was getting through to them. I was hopeful and I shared my experiences from my past and then proceeded to tell them about my life today. I shared my gratitude for the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous and how the program has help me. I let them know that I was once where they are and that they can get clean if they want to. It has to be a decision that they have to make. No one can get clean for someone else. It truly is an inside job.

In the end they were allowed to share whatever was on their minds. I was amazed at the eagerness and the willingness that they displayed. They also took meeting lists and some of the literature to read. I left there will the feeling of gratitude. I felt good,  like I had accomplished a mission. It was a great feeling.

It got me to thinking about doing service on another level. I always help out on the meeting level. I have done Secretary, Hospitality and GSR. I Co-chaired meetings and always help set up and break down. I thought about doing H&I next. I remember wanting to do it before but I didn’t have enough clean time. I will definitely look into now that I have enough time and see if that would be something that I would like to do. I will go to the H&I meeting and see what I need to do. I am grateful for those that shared the message with me and look forward to doing my part to carry this life saving message to others.

I can’t keep it, unless I give it away.

6 thoughts on “DETOX UNIT

  1. It is so raw at detox ! I have shared at detox centres before and it’s humbling. H&I is cool Eric. I did a year stint in Calgary and I chaired a meeting every Wed. for 12 months at one of the hospitals. Sometimes it was just me but sometimes I got to meet some really cool people.

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    • Absolutely. The people that showed up were really eager to find a new way to live. The detox is only for 7 days so they really have to get connected quick. I can only pray that they do. I really enjoyed my experience and look forward to doing it some more. H&I is something that I feel I will be good at and it helps me to help others. Thank you for sharing your experience with H&I Mike. I appreciate it.


  2. I always love hearing other people’s shares especially those that are further on than me – I love hearing their stories and why they came to NAR-ANON and how they are getting better and finding a better way of life. Some times we have outside speakers from NA I enjoy their shares too. I think that’s why I enjoy reading your blog not just because it’s worked for you but it’s good for all of us to listen to the successes if we didn’t we wouldn’t come back would we? I thank our HP’s that we have found a way that works for us. Keep sharing and inspiring others 😊

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    • Me too. I love to hear them. They always give me hope especially in my beginning. I know I probably would not have stay had it not been for the inspiration that I received hearing how it worked for others. Thank you as always Karen for your comments, support and encouragement.

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