I have been writing my blog for 4 years and 1 week.  My 4 year blogiversary was November 10th. I didn’t think to celebrate it because I was too busy riding the high that I was on from celebrating my 2 year Anniversary in recovery. But when I think about it this milestone is just as important.

It’s important for many reasons  but the main reason why my blog is so important to me is because it has proven to be a major tool in my recovery arsenal. Writing my story and updating my journey is as valuable to me as making meetings and doing step work. It is my avenue to release. It helps me to stay focused. It helps me to remember my past so it doesn’t become a part of my future.

I found out that writing not only helps me, but I have also been able to help others along the way. My blog although I didn’t see it when I started has become another way for me to do service. Giving back without looking for anything in return. I have been blessed to know that my writing has been read and identified with by many people from all walks of life. Who would have thought that I could do such a thing. Me the guy who’s whole life was centered in serving self. I am amazed and I am humbled all in one breath.

I am grateful, thankful and honored to be in a position to be able to give someone some hope. Someone who might be thinking that there’s no way out. Someone like me who once thought that I could NEVER stop using. Words cannot explain how that makes me feel. I can only express it by continuing to share my story. So yes my blog is very important to me and it’s anniversary deserves to be recognized by me.

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments, likes and follows From Struggle To Strength. I appreciate your support, love, encouragement and kind words. I appreciate your readership. I appreciate you. Thank you.


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