Today’s a great day.

I am grateful for everyone and everything in my life today. I recognize the difference in how my life is shaping up compared to how my life used to be not to many 24’s ago.


I was always angry, frustrated, lonely, in despair, desperate, lost, useless, worthless and disconnected. My life was in shambles. I just lived to used and used everyday to live. I thought that was all I could expect from life. I had lost all hope of ever accomplishing anything. I gave up on myself and settled for less than I was worth.


Life is amazing. I am learning to love myself. To not be so hard on myself. It’s a process. I am very hard on myself and I am learning not to take myself so serious all the time. I feel a sense of purpose and the freedom I am experiencing is nothing short of spectacular. I feel like I finally belong somewhere and that I can make a difference. I am willing to give back what was so freely given to me. I help people and I am no longer afraid to admit when I need help or to ask for it. I am happy and joyous. I look forward to waking up and whatever the day brings.

The difference

The difference came about from devine intervention. I know that it was the God of my understanding that brought forth this change. I cried out for help and the universe answered. The difference is this time I heard it and was willing to do something about it. I finally realized that I can pray all day but if I am not willing and if I do not do the work necessary nothing will happen. I cannot sit around and expect my life to change if I do nothing to bring about that change. I also know that I have to remain vigilant. I cannot expect to keep this gift I have been given without the continuously working on myself. Construction is always underway. Change happens when I am in the solution and not stuck in the problem.

Gratitude is my Attitude.


2 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING

  1. Husband is a hardcore chronic alcoholic 30+ yrs of running from his demons, 10 days sober tried alone for three days with meds went into pancreatitis attack and inflamed liver with a touch of hepatitis! He is four days in ICU I wondered if he would make it! I turned to the healing songs of his people and prayed he would make finally he asked me for a hamburger! And I knew how would be ok but what are the next steps how can we move forward when he comes home

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    • My prayers and with you and your husband Audra for a speedy recovery. I know that getting clean and sober is a uphill battle. It’s not going to be easy especially when we have used / drank for years. I myself had a rough time in the beginning. Several relapses and I began to think I could never stop using. I found relief in the Fellowship. I found out that it made sense to be around others who understood exactly what I was going through and knew what I was dealing with. I would suggest that he get connected with the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship and get a support network of like minded individuals. Everyone is different and what works for one might not work for another but we will never know unless we try. I will keep you both in prayer. Thank you for sharing your journey. I wish you both the best.


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