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This is a throwback post from November 10, 2011. This was my very first post..
Hello My name is Nam. I just wanted to post this and say Hello to anyone who maybe reading this.
Welcome to Eric’s Daily Struggle.
I should start off by saying that my blog is called Eric’s Daily Struggle because at the present time I am having a difficult time staying clean. The reason I call it daily struggle is because I know that my struggle will be lifelong. I have used and abused drugs for more than 3 quarters of my life and to think quitting is going to be easy would be a tragedy worse than the life I have lived thus far.
I know that this is a life long battle and that scares me. I have never been able to stick and stay consistent with anything but using. Will I be able to do it? That has yet to be seen. So far this year I have relapsed twice after having 2 months and 4 months clean respectively. I have to be honest that I don’t think I can do it. That’s fucked up because I’m not giving myself a chance, but I know my track record. I know that I need to give myself a break and that’s why even after failing several attempts I continue to try, because not trying would be even more fucked up. I know this. I have a long and hard fight ahead of me, I know this too. So I will continue to fight because I want to live a better life.
So with that being said I decided to record my journey from active addiction to sobriety. This is my story.
This is my place I will post about my daily struggles with my addiction. This is also the place I will post the good things that happen in my recovery too. Its also the place for others to reply and post recovery related material. As time goes by and I become more accustom to blogging my blog will get better. In the meantime in between time feel free to comment and enjoy the blog.Thank you and have a great day.

5 thoughts on “THROWBACK BLOG POST NOVEMBER 10, 2011

  1. Even though I’m just starting to know you, I have to say I’m so proud of you. I’m addicted to meth and alcohol. The last time I used dope was April of this year, but a couple months later, something was different in me. Even though I’ll always consider myself in recovery not recovered, because as you say it’s something you have to fight on a daily basis. I wonder…will I turn it down the next time it’s offered. That is the true test for me. Knowing you struggled so long and came on top in the end is reassuring.

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    • Thank you. I am proud of you too. I am proud because you are doing something about your addiction. We will always be in recovery. It’s a never ending fight for our lives. The thought of becoming recovered is a nice place to visit but I know it’s not real. If I ever feel I am recovered and stop working my program my process will stop, then it will reverse and I am sure to relapse. I know this because I did it. I also find it helpful to stay away from people who might offer Mr drugs. Although I have been clean for a little over 2 years I do not play with my recovery. I had to stop associating with EVERYONE that uses. I am not willing to pay the high price of seeing if I can be strong enough. I’m not sure how long you have been clean but keep up the great work. I am here for you if you ever need to talk. You can use the contact me page here on my blog and we can correspond via email anytime. Have a fantastic day. ☺

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