I am thankful for the process of recovery for it has taught me that I will never stop learning about myself.

There was a time when I thought I knew everything. Daaaaahahaha. I could never have thought for a minute that anyone could teach me anything. I was close-minded to reality. My world consisted of very little and only evolved to the newest drug spot that opened.

Today I am learning that everything that I thought was real was actually fantasy and a whole lot of misinformation. It’s like being awakened from a coma. It’s like being born again and exploring the world for the first time. Learning for the first time how to live, love, make friends, be a friend, walk and talk. It’s overwhelming at times but really it only overwhelming when I am in my head. When I am trying to control or manipulate situations.

I have been blessed to have an opportunity to start over. I look forward to it. I can accept today that I will make mistakes. My mistakes will teach me some very valuable life lessons.

As long as I remain open to receive them.

4 thoughts on “I LIVE AND LEARN

  1. What a great attitude to have Eric and one that I share as well. As people in general, we should always be learning but as people who have been touched by addiction, we are almost starting from scratch in some ways in the learning process. Like you said, we have to re-learn how to interact with our family, friends, and how to function in our communities and that can be scary and exciting at the same time.

    You are doing a fantastic job and I am proud to have come to know you and consider you a friend and support in our fight against addiction 🙂

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    • Yes indeed. Sometimes I feel like a child learning about things I feel I should already know. But I am grateful that I am able to learn today. Thank you for your kind words, support and encouragement. I am grateful that we have met and appreciate our friendship. Have a fantastic day.


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