Asking for help is one of the hardest things for me to do sometimes. I’m not sure what’s harder asking for help or being able to receive the help once it’s asked for.

Being that I have always relied on my own devices in the past I find it difficult at times today to ask for help. In the past it was seen as a weakness and although I know that just about everything that I believed in the past was a lie. I still struggle in certain areas. Relying on my own devices usually had a negative impact in one way or another.

In the words of a friend of mine. How’s that working out for you.

Well to be totally honest. It still has a negative impact. Not asking for help leads me to doing it my way and most of the time my way doesn’t work. And asking for help but still wanting to control how I am helped doesn’t work either. My way is what got me here in the first place. But I still have those moments when I get the bright idea that I know better.

I don’t know jack.

Just for today. I will practice releasing myself from those fears that are holding me back and keeping me from asking for and receiving the help that I need.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

4 thoughts on “DON’T TRY TO HELP THE HELP

  1. I totally relate to this post ( again!) when we live in addiction we have to look after ourselves ( and in my case my addicted other half) because there was no one else to help us. The shame of addiction meant I couldn’t ask anyone else, but then when I joined the fellowship and realised all these people had been in the same place and situation I came to understand that ‘help’ for me was available. Not only from the group but from this ‘higher power’. I struggle with giving up my ego and asking for help. I struggle with accepting something, anything, could be my HP and letting go and letting God, but know to progress I had to! Those that have travelled before us and have found the right path are there for us it has worked for them it will work for us if only we ask. I think sometimes it’s not knowing what I need to know or do that blocks me asking. But in our own time and in our own way we will come to accept and learn to let go let God and that is asking for help is it not? When we go round in circles expecting a different out come because we know best – that is when we must find a different way. Eric I would say you have asked for the help you needed and are a success at accepting it. If you feel that it’s not working look back at what you have achieved and the help you have already received and accepted – because my friend if you hadn’t you wouldn’t be here now writing this blog – have a peaceful Sunday – karen

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