I used to be so eager to have something that I couldn’t wait to get it. I remember how my impatience would get the best of me and I would give up.

Walking away from the things that I wanted most left me with plenty of regrets. Always kicking myself after the fact. Wishing I would have stayed and stuck it out. Always leaving 5 minutes before the miracle.

A lesson will repeat itself until it is learned.

I am in such a situation right now. I feel happy in it but impatience is popping it’s ugly head up once again. I am hearing all the lies that I was led to believe throughout the years play out in my head. The same lies that brought about the same regrets time and time again.

This time the lesson has been learned and understood. I will take my time, get to know you. Waiting is hard. But I truly believe that it will be well worth it. I hope I am right.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

2 thoughts on “NO MORE REGRETS

  1. Good Morning Eric! I am a firm believer in “the lesson will be repeated until it is learned”. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been right back in the same situation because I didn’t learn what I was supposed to the first time. Keep practicing patience my friend. You know it will be worth the wait. I believe in you and your ability. Have a fabulous and successful Sunday.

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