I have been allowing my thoughts to have too much air time the last couple of days. I have been obsessive and compulsive and as a result my emotions have been all over the place.

I have learned that the mind can be a terrible place to dwell. That my thoughts are often off by a mile and that I should second guess and seek suggestions on some of the things that I think about.

It has been my experience that the battle that goes on in between my ears, if not exposed, can cause me to make some very bad decisions. My track record confirms that, I am not able to consistently make good decisions. Taking matters into my own hands, living my way and thinking I am in control are all results of listening to that voice.

Yes. That Voice. You know the one. That negative nosey body that amps up every situation. That same voice that tells me to do things that deep down inside I know are not right. Its that voice that has gotten me in more trouble than I care to mention.

I used to be embarrassed to admit that I had That Voice. Today I know that my addiction uses that voice to attack me. To check in to see if I am still committed to my recovery. It turns quite thoughts into a audio conversation in my head. The battle between good and evil begins and there can only be one winner.

Thanks to the recovery process. That voice has been losing the battle. But it is a persistent son of a gun. It won’t go out without a fight. It might stay quiet for a minute but bet your bottom dollar. It comes back to check in. The difference is I am aware of it today. I know what it’s motives are and I know how to shut it down.

I learned and will continue to learn some very valuable lessons in my recovery process. I am grateful that I have the open mindedness and willingness to continue on my journey regardless of what happens.

I have learned to trust the process and not the voice.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

21 thoughts on “I DON’T THINK SO. NOT TODAY

  1. You know what I call that voice? The Committee. They make supremely bad decisions for me, and love to argue about the reasons I should be pissed off, disappointed and otherwise unhappy with life as it is. I found you through Maggie Shores’ blog and I’m glad I did!

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    • Thank you for sharing. I know the committee. I have had many arguements with them. I am grateful that today they lose most of those arguements. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you taking the time. Maggie is great. I love her blog. Have a wonderful day. Peace and blessings.


  2. Everyone has that voice, addicted or not, it’s all a matter of how much attention we pay it. I know for myself, my voice can put some very negative thoughts in my head sometimes (that’s how it is when you suffer from depression) and I have to be very diligent about drowning it out. The thing is we are stronger than that voice, you and I both prove it everyday by sharing our stories and working to help others. Keep up the good work my friend and continue to trust the process and not the voice!

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  3. Yes exactly! You’re my inspiration feeding tube Ease:)) “the mind can be a terrible place to dwell” that is so true- I can let the thoughts that go on in there turn me into stone because I get so sidetracked believing and magnifying them- I turn into a sad person- over what really is nothing. A mountain out of a molehill as they say. Reading your post I feel encouraged knowing it can get better for me too. Thank you so much Ease. Hope you having a great week:))

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  4. You know as a non user that voice is with every one of us! Not just those of you battling against drug addiction. Tells us we are not worth it! tells us what do you know? tells us what harm will it do? Yes if it helps at all that voice is in all of us chipping away at our self esteem and confidence ( or maybe that’s just me!?!) glad you can recognise it for what it is and do battle! We are gladiators and will fight 😊

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    • Thank you Karen for sharing your identification with me. I appreciate your comment. We definitely are gladiators fir sure. The battle is real and it is killing people ever day. I am grateful for the process and for everyone in my network. Thise I know personally and those online as well. WE are all in this together. πŸ™‚

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        • Absolutely. I haven’t read any literature from the family support side of addiction but I have made many friends including yourself that I am learning so much from. Thank you for always shining a light on the effects we have on our loved ones.


  5. OH MY,. . . . As Robin Williams once said in an article I read, . . . . “our diseased mind, thoughts and feelings are part of the Addiction That Always Lies In Wait”. . . When we least expect it, our addictions in recovery are always there waiting to “Bounce” when we don’t expect to. So, there is much truth in ODAAT, and “Just for Today.

    Much Support & Recovery LUV Eric πŸ™‚

    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon XO

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