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  1. I know I have said it before but just want to say it again you give me hope ( today is not a good day for me or K) you are truly inspirational. One of the rare examples that this works. I don’t know if you work as a peer mentor or anything like that but you have so much insight and give so much of your SESH I am blessed that I came across your blog. Your words of wisdom and experience help me and give me strength to know it works if we work at it. So once again thank you. May I ask a question? I know we are in different time zones but we run a Skype group on a Thursday evening 8pm BST we are always looking for speakers would you be at all interested in sharing with us? ( if you have Skype of course!) this month is step/tradition 6 next is 7 and so on… But it doesn’t have to be on that step or tradition if you could join us… But I am sure it would be so positive for family and friends affected by addiction to hear your story. It would give hope that it works! Absolutely no pressure but if you ever felt it might be something you would like to do in the future then please let me know. Peace to you – karen 😊

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    • Karen Thank you so much for your support and never ending encouragement. I truly appreciate you. I am grateful that we have a friendship even if it is only online. It is still very special to me. I am grateful that my sharing of my experiences is helping you and others for that is the main purpose of my starting my blog and continuing to write down my story. I would be honored to share with your group. I am not sure what time that would be here in my time zone EST. I have to look into skype. I have always heard about it but never created an account or used it. I will definetly say yes to sharing but I need to figure out how and when we can do it. I am thankful that you think that I would be of help to others in your group. I know that I cannot keep what I have unless I give it away. Lets definetly keep in touch about this for it is something that I look forward to doing. Peace and blessings Karen. Keep the faith. Everything will work out. I have you and K in my prayers. πŸ™‚

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      • Fabulous thank you so much! Right now it’s 00:30or so – so that should give you an idea of what 8pm would be! Of course if you are working or face 2 face group to attend then that must come first but thank you so much for considering it! Skype is free sadly we can’t see each other as we have to pay for visual contact if it is a group but we can hear each other. It is a bit strange to start with but I usually lead the group ( when my Skype works it sometimes drops out and I have to call back in lol) but it’s a great group. We had a NA speaker at our f2f convention on Saturday it was emotional but really good to hear his story. But he was a wealthy man that was in the music industry ‘living the dream!’ Don’t get me wrong his experience was as painful as any addicts and the affect on him and his family no lesser or greater than any one that goes thro addiction. But most the group on Skype are not dealing with that type of life style! We are people struggling to find money for the rent and the heating and food, never mind the drugs! Thank you again for considering giving us some of your time, i really hope we can sort something soon it will be an honour to have you speak πŸ™‚


        • It is my pleasure Karen. Unfortunately there’s a conflict with the times. I used an app called timezone converter to see what time 8pm BST is here and it turns out that its 3pm EST. Do to the time I will still be at work. I was hoping that I had it wrong but it doesn’t seem so. I really wish it was a Saturday or Sunday. Anyway thank you for thinking of me and asking me to share. I copied the conversion below so you can check to make sure I have your timezone correct.

          Location Local time Time zone UTC offset
          London (United Kingdom – England) Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 8:00:00 PM BST UTC+1 hour
          New York (U.S.A. – New York) Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 3:00:00 PM EDT UTC-4 hours
          Corresponding UTC (GMT) Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 19:00:00 How to use the Time Zone Converter


          • Aw such a shame I thought it might be awkward if you were working – ok then what I will do is promote your blog! I will tell members if they want real proof 12 steps works and want real genuine hope that their addicted ‘other’ can do it to take a look at your blog. If you ever have a vacation or change your working hours if you could consider joining us you would be very welcome. Keep up the good work keep inspiring us and thank you x

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            • Yes. I would really love to share with your group and the minute that I am off on a Thursday I will surely let you know. Thank you for your support I appreciate it. Thank you for promoting my blog as well. I can only hope and pray that my message reach as many people as possible so they can know that recovery can and does work. πŸ™‚

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