I am faced with many decisions on a daily basis. Sometimes I make good ones and sometimes I do not. I am not perfect nor do I ever wish to be.

I make mistakes, it’s a part of my growing process. I do not place unrealistic expectations on myself and think that I shouldn’t be making mistakes. Today I am learning that in order for me to change, I have to make mistakes. Life is about taking risks. Healthy risks. I won’t know if I never try. I learn from my mistakes and move on…Sometimes the lesson repeats itself because I have not fully learned the lesson. So I will get back to the basics. Back to where I started off. I will not keep bumping my head in this area.

My old life became unbearable and I needed to make some changes. I’ve been tweeking, testing, sampling, picking and choosing. I have learned some valuable lessons along the way. I am so grateful that I have changed some things and I am learning that I still have many other things that need to be changed.

I know that I am not in a race or have to meet anyone else’s deadline. This is my process and I will take it slow and steady. That right there is change itself. For a long, long time. I was in a rush, always in a hurry only to wind up with regrets and disappointments.

I have learned that change doesn’t happen over night. That I don’t have a damn thing to prove and that the only person I need to be better than, Is the person I was yesterday. I no longer allow myself to believe that as long as I am not using I am ok.

Change for me

Is deeper than that.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

9 thoughts on “BACK TO THE BASICS

  1. Great post Ease! Change is such a scary thing to do and I think its great that you allow yourself a slow and steady pace to enact that change. I’ve noticed that it is easy to get discouraged with certain aspects. It helped a lot to take a step back and put on the wide angle lens- look at the whole picture of my life. That way I can see just how much growth has taken place. Getting caught up in the moments is a sludge trap that always cripples my progress. Your posts are always uplifting, actionable and helpful. I appreciate that so thanks.

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