For a long time I have been an outsider in my own family. I haven’t seen my Mother, brothers, aunt, cousins, grand cousins and great grand cousins for years. I  never felt like I belonged as a child and as a addict I really didn’t fit in. I have been estranged from them and told myself it was ok. That I am better off without them.

Since coming to recovery I have shared on several occasions about my family. How I miss them but I have learned to give them their space. Just because I am clean doesn’t mean that all of a sudden everything is fine. I caused a lot of damage in my active addiction. A lot of years of lies and pain. I have learned that they need time to heal. I have been giving them their time and been using that time to work on myself.

This past mother’s day I spoke to my Mom. That was the longest conversation we have had in years. Usually I am on and off the phone in a minute, 2 minutes tops. It was good to talk to her and not feel the guilt and shame through the phone. It was a very good conversation and she even asked me when I was coming to see her. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I told her I would stop by on Saturday.

Well today I went to see my mother and we had a great day. She was surprised to see how much weight I’ve gained (the last time she saw me I was smoked out). She was also surprised to hear that I finally got my drivers license and that I now have my own car.

So you know she had me driving her around. Lol.

It was a wonderful day and I am so grateful and thankful that I got to spend some time with her. I will continue to work on this bond and build it back up to where it should be. I thank my Higher Power and the fellowship. For all those people that told me to just hold on, that one day things will work out. I appreciate all of those who support me and show me love.

Lost dreams awaken.
New possibilities arise.


  1. Very touching… continue to enjoy the moments,the time your sharing… It’s just priceless. .. and that SMILE from you and FROM MOMMY TOO!!! ENJOY!!!

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  2. Hey Eric. What a super experience to hear. Congrats on the reunion with your Mom, and for waiting and choosing the right time. That must have been a great day together, chauffeuring your Mom around. This is a great start to rebuilding relationships. Moms are so important.


  3. This is awesome Eric. I too was estranged. I’m so pleased for you and for your mother. No matter what our past was about nothing else can replace that bond that comes within a blood family. Seeing family come together again is one of the greatest gifts I see in recovery. Awesome shit man

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