I am reminded this morning of the times that I trusted all the drug spots I visited at all hours of the night. I trusted that I would be able to score and that what I copped was good. I trusted in the people, places and things that went along with using without a doubt. I didn’t think twice when it came to using.

So why would I not put that same trust into my recovery. Why would I not be willing to go to any length to get and stay clean. I know today that it takes the same if not more dedication to maintain my recovery on a daily basis.

I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to stay clean today. I do not make excuses as to why I cannot make a meeting, read some literature, call my sponsor and my network and do step work. I do not take for granted that everything will be alright. I do the footwork necessary to ensure that everything will be alright.

I trust the process.


  1. Eric,
    Good Morning! I like this post. I have not made a meeting yet, but I am reading the literature online. (It’s difficult for me to get anywhere without a car, out in the middle of nowhere.) I’m still clean! It’s a good feeling. My obsession was taken away at some point. I’m not really sure when. I just know that – it is a wonderful feeling!
    Thank you for your posts. I don’t always comment, but I read them and they keep me going!

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    • Good morning Danielle. Thank you for your support. As long as you are staying connected and reading the literature and reaching out to your network you will be ok until you can find your way to meetings. I know for me that meetings are essential. Eventually you will be able to get there. Keep up the great work.


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