I am reminded this morning of the times that I trusted all the drug spots I visited at all hours of the night. I trusted that I would be able to score and that what I copped was good. I trusted in the people, places and things that went along with using without a doubt. I didn’t think twice when it came to using.

So why would I not put that same trust into my recovery. Why would I not be willing to go to any length to get and stay clean. I know today that it takes the same if not more dedication to maintain my recovery on a daily basis.

I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to stay clean today. I do not make excuses as to why I cannot make a meeting, read some literature, call my sponsor and my network and do step work. I do not take for granted that everything will be alright. I do the footwork necessary to ensure that everything will be alright.

I trust the process.