Chatting Up Recovery with the Awesome Guys at KLĒN+SŌBR

Hello everyone check out this awesome podcast with my friend MagzShores@SoberCourage. Also check out her blog at

Sober Courage

I had a great opportunity to record a recovery podcast with Chris, Jeff and Matt over at KLĒN + SŌBR Since Right Now. We had an abundant discussion that included everything from dealing with social stigma, to talking to kids about alcohol/drug abuse, to surviving relapse, to alcoholism/addiction movies, and… even some far-fetched crazy ideas of how we are going to someday “retire.”

I truly felt like I have known these guys for years, and I think that is because there is a unique connection that is shared between people in recovery. No matter who we are and where we come from, when it comes to the matters of alcoholism/addiction we can always relate to each other in some way. Thus the recording session was filled with lots of laughter in between some of the serious stuff, and I found myself nodding my head often. I am really grateful…

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