I trust that the God of my understanding will do for me what I cannot do for myself.

For a long time, I didn’t believe that God or higher power existed. I just knew that everything that happened to me was a direct result of my own power.

I lacked faith or a belief system when it came to God. I thought that if there was a God he would have never allowed me to suffer the way I did. I became bitter and angry and I doubted God and had no trust in him or people who believed in him.

It’s crazy how things have changed. How my view has changed in the last couple of years.

It took some time for me to realize that God was always there. That I have been protected by a divine intervention and that all the things that I escaped was not due to a power of my own. That I was given many chances and ample opportunities to change and save myself from harm and headache and I squandered them all. Yet was still offered more options and opportunities than I deserved.

I was the one who didn’t believe and as a result suffered at the hands of my own devices. I realize today that I have been, and am truly blessed by my higher power. I recognize a power greater than myself at work in my life. I am truly grateful.

I Trust and Believe

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

7 thoughts on “TRUST AND BELIEVE

  1. It was a blessing to read your post again Eric. I see how God has been, is, in your life. I see how He had carried you through the difficult times you got into, and is guiding and strengthening you now. As I have mentioned at an earlier time, I was running from God for a number of years, not by using drugs, but we all have our way of running. When I stopped running away, and realized God was right there waiting for me, I also realized He had always been there, protecting me, watching and calling me.

    Thanks for sharing this part of your journey Eric. After reading your post, I looked back to your post from 2011, “Trusting “God” and was blessed again. Thank you.

    As you allow God to have more of you, it will be amazing to see what all is in your future Eric. I believe sincerely there are mighty days ahead, even better than you have seen or dreamt, when you will have an influence on thousands that will change life styles and lives.

    God’s Blessings Friend, I am loving riding along in the viewer’s car of this train, reading and seeing what is happening.

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    • I have also been running and have come to realize that God has given me so many chances and was always by my side waiting for me to take advantage of those opportunities. I am grateful and thankful that you have been able to identify with some of my posts even though our struggle has been different. It means a lot to me to be able to reach 1 person let alone thousands if that ever happens. Thank yoh George for your encouraging words, support and for riding along on this journey with me. Peace and blessings my friend.


  2. Yes my HP is something I struggle with even tho she has shown herself to me many times! I don’t know why then that I find if so hard to believe! You have raised some interesting points in earlier blogs that i think are probably blockers for me – issues that don’t come up so much in my group because so many of us are in the early steps but I am thinking ego and (for us enablers) the need to help/save and be in control. To give your self over to something that ‘isn’t real’ as in there to see physically is a difficult thing to do. So I am pleased for you that you have accepted your higher power into your life, it says much about you I hope to achieve that level of awareness and acceptance too. Once again thank you for sharing your thoughts – as always I am
    Learning more from every post you make karen

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    • Thank you Karen. I came to believe in a power greater than myself. I think it was very important for me to find a God of my own understanding. Not my mothers God or anyone else’s. It was and is important for me to have my own understanding. I appreciate your honesty on this and it sounds like you have the willingness to at least hope to one day have a understanding of your own and thats how it started for me. Thank you for your comment, support and encouragement. I truly appreciate our unique friendship. 🙂

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