“Living just for today relieves the burden of the past and the fear of the future.  We learned to take whatever actions are necessary and to leave the results in the hands of our Higher Power.” Basic Text Page 94

I can remember in my active addiction when I used to get paid on Friday, be broke by Saturday and already be planning what I was going to buy with my next check. I can also remember times when I would play out scenarios in my head about people I haven’t even met yet.
For instance :
I see a pretty young lady on the train. In my mind I picture us together, then arguments break out, then things get worse and we end up never speaking to each other again. All this plays out in mind. We done went through a divorce and I dont even know her name. SMH.

In the hear and now, I find myself sometimes being stuck in fear of trying something new because of past failures. I replay a scenario of a failed attempt at something that happened years ago and find myself apprehensive of what might happen.

I can go on but then I would have to write a book and not a post.

I am learning the importance of living in the here and now. Fear of the past or the future can stop me from reaching my full potential and will run rampant if not checked. It is vital to my recovery and my everyday life that I focus on today and do the best I can in the moment. I have no control over the outcome of any given situation but I do have control over making the efforts.

I believe in the Just For Today philosophy and it has proven to be very helpful in my recovery process.

Live, Love, Laugh and Let Go.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease