I wrote a post a couple of days ago called NO LONGER JUST DREAMING, I AM DOING. In it I spoke of how I used to dream of the day when I no longer used. I also went on to say. That I used to have many dreams but never put forth the effort to make them a reality.

Quitting smoking was also high on that dream list. I have tried many times, half ass attempts to give them up but always picked them right back up again. I never gave up wanting to quit, but I procrastinated with setting a quit date and actually taking the steps.

I posted here on my blog a couple of months ago how I was quitting and didn’t last 3 days. Well I have finally taken the first steps towards quitting. I called the NYC Quitline, ordered some patches and put my first one on. I have not smoked a cigarette since April 24th. Today I have 5 days free from smoking.

I am irritable, tired from lack of sleep and have other symptoms of withdrawal but I feel great. I am proud of myself for taking the steps towards becoming smoke free. I put my words into actions. I am applying the same principles that have helped me stay clean from drugs and it is working.

I am truly grateful for the willingness to change.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

10 thoughts on “I QUIT SMOKING (AGAIN)

    • Thank you Janie. I am here for you when you do. I called, got the patches and they are helping me tremendously. I am going through the withdrawals but if I dont pick em up. I cant smoke. I use the steps 1,2 &3 and am applying the same principles. It was suggested and its working. I will keep you in prayer my friend.


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