What a difference a day makes. While I was enjoying my weekend I  was able to resist certain temptations. I am actually proud of myself for remaining true to myself and others.

Needless to say it didn’t matter and the pot boiled over once again. The false accusations, name calling, threats and other childish behavior are just too much. I have to be the bigger person today. I am grateful for the program and my process. I am growing daily and learning to stick up for myself and not settle for anything that doesn’t sit right with me.

Today I know how to say NO and GOODBYE. I refuse to settle for anything less. Respect is given until it is no longer deserved. I have options today and I exercise them without hesitation.


Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

6 thoughts on “EXERCISE MY OPTIONS.

  1. It’s good that you don’t wish to get into other’s drama! It’s not an easy thing to do but sometimes to protect ourselves the ONLY thing to do. Saying no is often hard if we don’t want to upset people or situations or don’t value ourselves enough. I congratulate you on finding the strength to do it. As some one said to me in the fellowship ‘not my monkey not my circus’ I love that phrase! It conjures up all sorts of visuals references for me but reminds me that their issue is not my issue to stress about 😄

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    • Thank you Karen. I love that quote “Not my monkey, not my circus”. It is fitting for my present situation. They can keep their drama and personal issues. I cannot help you when you refuae to accept it. I will not keep accepting an apology for the same behavior that they refuse to change. See ya, so long, sayonara, good bye.

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  2. Hey Eric. Glad you had a super weekend. It seems like after a great time away like that, with fellowship, sharing and growth, there is so often a rude appointment waiting back on the home front.
    “NO” and “GOODBYE” are important words in the vocabulary for self preservation at times. The wise thing to do is walk away from the accuser and the name caller who has no backing for what is said.
    When you respect yourself, you don’t accept the lies from others about you. And you are right in not giving respect to others when their words / actions don’t warrant it. God’s Blessings.

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    • Thanks George. I am grateful for options today. I respect and love myself too much today to settle for less. I appreciate your comment and support. Peace and blessings my friend.


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