For years I fed my fears and insecurities. I allowed those fears to dictate my actions. I remember plenty of times giving up on things or not even trying for lack of confidence and the fear of failure.

The truth is that had I tried I know today that I would have succeeded. Had I not allowed those fears to interfere with the natural flow of things. I would have overcome. Instead I fed those fears and allowed them to continually grow until failure was my only option. (In my head). I quit before I got out the gate and as a result became accustomed to not trying, not giving my all and not believing in myself.

I am learning to face my fears today. There are times when I still entertain thoughts of failure but they do not dictate my actions and keep me paralyzed today. They are but a passing thought and a fleeting feeling. I do not dwell there and give them the opportunity to grow to that point anymore. I have learned that my fears are not facts and they can either help me grow or they can stunt my growth.

Well I choose growth. I will not feed that monster inside me that longs for failure and tries to keep me locked in my self made prison. I will not allow that part of me to grow and take back the control it once had over me.

Today I feed my faith and belief that I can do anything I put my mind to. And Its working.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

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