Being an addict in recovery I am learning that not everything I think is true. I know that my imagination can wreak havoc in my personal life if I am not careful. Just because I think I might know something I should be damn certain I know what I am talking about before I open my mouth.

Working a program helps me to recognize when my disease is attacking me. It helps me to sort through the mess and be able to hear the message. It helps me not to be quick to judge others based on what I think I know about them, but rather to get to know them. Working a program helps me to be able to admit when I am wrong and also helps me not to feed into others bullshit when I am right. It helps me to not think that everything that happens or doesn’t happen is about me.


I am grateful for my program today because I know when my diseased thinking is actively trying to sabotage things. I can see myself coming today. I can see you coming today as well. My higher power has got me regardless of what happens I will succeed as long as I continue to actively participate in my own recovery. I have no control over others. I only have control over how I choose to respond.

Today I will not allow my thinking to ruin my chances.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease


  1. Good stuff again Eric. It is most important that you take care of yourself first. If you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to help or encourage others either. Also, if too much time and effort is going out into others, regardless of how good your efforts are, your system / body wears down and your vulnerability goes up. We all need to keep getting fed ourselves in a greater means than we give out.
    God’s Blessings Brother and Friend.

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