It’s a suggestion in recovery to not leave your home without a destination. I have found that to be some very sound advice.

For a long time when I was using I would just be outside with no real plan or destination. I would be out just because.
Because I thought I would be missing something or someone would come through with something. Because I needed a couple more dollars to get my next one. Like I said Just Because.

I learned the hard way that always being outside with no particular place to go has it’s downsides. I became vulnerable to police harassments and  became subject to criminal activities among other things.

Today I use this simple but effective formula and It has proven to be very valuable. If I have nowhere to go, I stay home. I haven’t had the urge to be on the scene since entering into recovery and that is the way I prefer it. No more police contact, no more scrounging for change to get the next nothing. No more standing on the corners like a damn statue in all sorts of weather.

Having purpose today gives me options that I didn’t know I had in my active addiction. I am not obligated by my imagination to be seen, or heard from by the addicted community today. I am comfortable sitting with myself in my own house doing absolutely nothing if I choose to do so.

I am grateful for change.
Change is necessary for my success.
I am no longer locked into the insanity that was my vicious cycle.
One Day At A Time.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease


  1. Good Afternoon Eric. Great blog today. I remember those days of going out just to go out and finding myself F’d up in no time. I too prefer to be home in solitude then being out and about where nothing good happens. To me “getting high” is really “getting low”. Have a fabulous Sunday.

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