Being an addict I always wished someone would believe in me. I remember thinking to myself
It’s not a good feeling when no one believes you or in you. I did so much damage, lied so many times that everyone around me lost faith in me. All hope of me ever changing was gone.

Even worse, I lost all hope in myself. I didn’t believe in myself and as a result I continued on my path of destruction. I could not convince myself that I could change. I didn’t think I could so I stopped trying.


Since starting this journey in recovery I have come to believe in myself. It didn’t just happen over night, it took and still takes some work. My self esteem is building and I am feeling like


I owe this new found belief to the power of WE and of course my HP. The fellowship loved me when I didn’t love myself and has taught me how to begin to love myself. They believed in me when I was at my worse and they loved me back to life. I am grateful for the people in my network who show me how, by example.

They are living proof that I am not alone and I truly feel it everyday that I keep coming back.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

11 thoughts on “YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE

    • Thank you and I appreciate your readership and support. Actually I am a member of NA. I do have a sponsor and a network of friends. I do step work, read literature and share regularly in meetings. I never knew that doing something so simple could have made such a profound change in my life. I am grateful.


      • Oh that’s great. I have a friend who is a nurse at a place called Homewood and she runs a 35 day program for addiction patients. She says that it is very important for them to find a NA or AA family…the success rate is increased greatly when they do. Sounds like you are doing things the right way!! You must be very proud of where you are!!

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        • Your friend is right. Support is very important not just from family but also from people in recovery because WE understand exactly what is going on. Yes I am very proud of the progress that I have made compared to where I came from. My gratitude is all in my attitude today.

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  1. You know we believe and have faith in you! Again I can relate to your words, I could see these same feelings in Karl, although he didn’t say it like this he would say why did he destroy everything that was good in his life? That was one of the reasons I put up with so much of the lies and the hurt because I wanted him to know I believed there was a good man inside that behind the addiction was that loving man I met with ambition. Yes the lies and the hurt we face are difficult to deal with and many do walk away, including family, but I understood the importance of having faith in him. That he did want the same as me, a life free of addiction. I pray one day he will learn to value himself as you have done, that he will stop lying to himself. I Thank your HP and fellowship that you have found that belief in your self and others have it too.


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