If I continue to follow what I want and not keep the focus on what I need. I will continue to run into the same obstacles.

In recovery we talk about INSANITY..

It is said to be doing the same things expecting different results. I always thought of that just pertaining to my active addiction. How I tried so many different ways to control my using only to end up with the same result but try again and again anyway.

I’ve come to recognize that same behavior in myself today. Clean. I still display the insanity of doing the same thing thinking this time it will be different. I know that drugs were only a small portion of my problem. My addiction shows up in many ways and I am still learning about my character defects and how they affect my life in the here and now..


Real life experiences are meant to teach lessons. I love the spiritual awakenings that I am experiencing as a direct result of staying clean. Growing and learning who I am is awesome. 

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease


  1. Thank you, Eric. Your thoughts are helpful for me today. During recovery, I forget how important others are in my life. I had a SAA meeting to go to last night and didn’t make it. I didn’t go because I was only thinking about me. I needed to go because I may have helped someone. Why am I writing this. You wrote about spiritual awakenings and learning personal defects. Thanks again,

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  2. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom! Even though I have been part of my fellowship for nearly a year now it’s only by reading your blog that the pieces are starting to make sense 😄 it’s sounds so simple but of course it isn’t And putting it into practice all the harder.

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    • I am grateful that my blog helps you Karen and you help me by sharing. Yes it is harder but I am grateful that I am a work in progress and not trying to be perfect. Thank you for reading, commenting and your continued encouragement and support.

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