I am in recovery and although my way has gotten me nothing but heartache and pain. I appreciate your support but I do not need you to try to tell me what to do. I am not your child. I will accept a suggestion but not in the form of a command or an order.

Remember its not what you say…


Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease


    • Aaah, ok. It’s just. Well actually, having read your next post too, I might as well say it out loud: I am worried a little about you. In the last week, week and a half (?) your post suddenly seems to contain anger that I do not know from you. Not that I know you very well but it just seems that you are very angry and (exactly) not saying what it is about. If not, please disregard this reply but, I don’t know, your quotes, they meet me as ‘generally angry’.
      You say: ‘a general statement for ANYONE who thinks that because they might have more clean time than others that they can dictate them what they should do.’ That meets me as a pretty angry statement. Using language to generalise something normally points at big anger or somebody lying (not calling you a lier!) I get the ‘general statement for ANYONE’ because I asked you if you were pissed with somebody or me and you want to point out you are not. So I sort of get the ‘unpersonal’ use of words you use there. But then you continue with de-personalising your statement with the words of ‘thinks that’, ‘they’, ‘might have’ (casting doubt on ‘them’) – these are all words that people tend to use when they want to put distance between themselves and the subject. People do that when, as I said, they are very angry or lying (example: ‘I did not have sex with that women.’) And you continue with ‘dictate’ – not really a word that is uncharged or free of judgement. So, that’s how it meets me. And I hope I am wrong, and maybe I should mind my own business. Maybe I should do both. 😉 It’s just, again, it meets me as angry and that worries me because that has been so for a longer time.
      You might want to trow up a quote on ‘minding ones own business’ now. 😉

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      • Please stop trying to read into what I post. When I am angry I have no area posting that I am angry. What I post is how I see things at the moment. It could be something that rubs me the wrong way or I could be happy. It could be something I saw done to someone else. Whatever the case may be I post it. I dont know why you seem to think my posts are about you when I don’t even know you. I don’t know your name and we do not hang out. Although I appreciate your comments I would appreciate it if you would not keep thinking that I am talking about you or try to tell me what I am feeling. That Is Not Cool.


  1. So, who rained on your parade? Or more like, peed on it…. Or is it not time to joke about this yet? I noticed that you have put up several quotes that sort of translate to: ‘piss off’. I’m sorry to hear that you are upset. 😦 I do not really understand your quotes, actually, they tell me that you are pissed off and make me feel like I did something I have not been aware of again – that last bit would be my part of the drama ;-). So if I did, please let me know.


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