I am what I am.

I am not what you want me to be.

If people cannot accept me for who I am. I have learned to exercise my options and leave them alone. I do not have to put up with anyone’s unnecessary bullshit today. I am not who I used to be. Wanting to fit in and belong so bad that I sacrificed my happiness. I know how to separate today and I will when I am uncomfortable.



Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

6 thoughts on “I AM ME. WHO ARE YOU?

  1. I am fun and caring, I am talented and trustworthy, I am glad to be just who I am. When I help others, I learn lessons in humility and understand that it’s not all about “me”. Making the most of the best and the least of the worst. Trusting in the process believing in the progress! Today I choose to enjoy my journey, for it is MY choices, not circumstances that determine my consequences and success in every area of my life today. The bigger question is..what kind of mind do I want to make those choices with? full of fear, instant gratification, emotional racing thinking? Or a mind filled with spirit, serenity and faith, to make my choices with? My mind has been changed through the grace of my Higher Power or Higher Self through my willingness to stay in the moment, take my inventory, remain grateful, help others, etc.All these actions and attitudes are more; This is how I change from the “inside out”. Don’t block the blessings!. ~OneLove~

    Now that I’ve done some growing from what I’ve
    learned, I need to use that and continue growing. I am a member of a
    Twelve Step fellowship of Anonimity. Anonomous for me means that I am free to do the things
    that make me okay and to be okay with me.
    How much of my time have I spent worrying about what other people
    think of me? Too much is the short answer. Before recovery, I
    had no boundaries, no sense of self, and how I felt about myself and
    my life was largely determined by whether or not you approved. With
    no internal awareness, other people’s likes and dislikes, moods and
    opinions were the compass I used to direct my emotional life. It was
    “Put down the magnifying glass and pick up the mirror.” One of the
    most precious gifts I have been given in NA is the freedom and
    encouragement to discover and validate my feelings. And this process
    began when I was taught to take the focus off of others
    and to look within for my own truth. At first this was an unfamiliar
    and uncomfortable process, but it was the only path to the security,
    confidence and peace I have always craved.
    Today I know that my feelings are valid, and I’ve come to trust and
    rely on them. I know that other people have their own thoughts and
    opinions and know they are valid for them as well. But today there is
    a boundary between the two, and my sense of self is no longer
    linked to other people’s approval. Today I enjoy the freedom and
    empowerment that comes from having and respecting myself.
    May God continue to bless each and every one of you and I wish you
    nothing less than happiness and continued recovery. I love and thank you all for teaching me and encouraging me along this journey. Much love and respect, Jen R.

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