Saying I meant to stop by to see you when you was in the hospital is useless. Compared to actually going to visit.

I was good for saying what I was going to do..Should have, could have, would have but didn’t. I’ve never been a good friend, I was too busy being self centered. I thought too much about myself and could care less about others. I missed out on being there for family and friends time and time again.

Today I do things differently. Today I am there for others. But even more importantly I am there for them without looking for something in return. Today my intentions are truly good and not rooted in self centeredness. I’m not looking for a payoff or a pat on the back. I do it because I can and because I can.

I realize that a simple act of kindness can make someone’s day.

It did for me.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

4 thoughts on “GOOD INTENTIONS

  1. Love this. So honest and true. Yes a cold shoulder can be more harmful than one may think and a simple smile can really be just what someone broken needed in that moment :)) I’ve been on both sides of that- love to give love. Thanks Eric for another awesome message.

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