I sometimes get frustrated when that one person goes on and on. They know how much time is allotted for each person to share. They hear the bell ring Once, Twice and yet they still continue on. The reason there’s a time limit on sharing is so everyone who wants to speak can have an opportunity to do so.

It seems to me that at times people’s obsession and compulsion take over and they become self absorbed and forget that there are others in the meeting. I understand wanting to get your point across and 5 mins is not alot of time. I do. But if they really want to talk that bad perhaps they should pull someone to the side after the meeting or call your sponsor.


If it is not a burning desire, if you are not on the verge of running out and going to smoke, drink or shoot something. Have some consideration for someone else who might be.



Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease


  1. Totally get your frustration! My sponsor is one of the worst for ‘over sharing’ in meetings….and it makes it very difficult for me to say anything to her for that reason. 😤😤 a group conscions ( not sure I spelt that right) to remind everyone might be useful? I know if your meetings are like mine everyone is reminded at the start that there is a 5 minute time card ( we don’t have a bell…like that idea) to share but maybe that needs to be said more forcefully? Especially if you have a large group? My group is small sometimes only 2 or 3 of us so isn’t such an issue. But can imagine your frustration if you want to share something and haven’t the time.

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    • Well we have had many discussions on this and it continues to happen. I understand there is really nothing to be done while someone is sharing other than giving them the time sign but I just needed to vent about it.

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  2. Ghegheghe…. ok… Got that. I am not in AA so I don’t know, but what makes it impossible to say to the person: ‘We thank you for your contribution and will cut you short here because we use an alloted maximum speaking time. Others who have come to this meeting too will be able to have some sharing time too. Maybe you would like to contact your sponser after this meeting?’

    I guess that WILL make it funny for the first one to speak because that might look like they took the time ‘away from the other’. And funny to speak about your own troubble if you first have to unwind from listening to somebody else who excersised their rights in a anti-social way. :-/

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