1. Eric, this is a great reminder, thank you. As long as you, and men and women like you, continue to speak out for the benefit of many, are willing to assist many, and speak right and truth, this world will be a better place. Then also,”Black History” will not just be highlighted one month a year, but the many highlights in life that have been accomplished by Black men and women will be noted, and credit given at all times.
    Honestly, as a so called W.A.S.P., white Anglo Saxon protestant, I am saddened, disturbed, frustrated, angered, embarrassed, disgusted, with the way many Black persons have been wrongly treated and misrepresented over the years.
    Even though I may not be significant, I would like to apologize on behalf of all white persons for the ill treatment of Black persons, false accusations, undeserved charges and beatings.
    Hoping and praying that all people of all races will get along in the future, because we are all God’s creation.
    George Goetz


    • Thank you George. I appreciate the fact that you are not like so many others. Its good to know that there are decent people. in a world that claims racism doesn’t exist its a blessing to meet someone who knows it does but refuses to be a part of it. I could never understand why and I have stop trying to figure it out. I can only do my part to make sure I am not a participant on either side of that coin.

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