As I sit here and type on my phone,Β  I am in the Radiology department of the hospital waiting for an x-ray to be taken on my hip. I have been having difficulty moving sometimes and been having a sharp pain for some time. I told my doctor about it and he told me that I should have it x-ray so here I am.

I have also been informed by my doctor that I have high blood pressure and cholesterol and I should lose some weight. I am at 221lbs the most I have ever weighed. I don’t feel overweight although I do need to lose my gut. Soda, fast food and fried foods among other things have to be eliminated from my diet.

I was in a funk all week because of not smoking as much and now this.

I don’t want to get worse so I will take my doctors advice and change my eating habits. It’s time to get addicted to healthy habits. I will also begin to do some exercise. I have never really paid much attention to my health. While using being healthy isn’t exactly on the top 5 things to do. But I am not using anymore so now its time to become responsible in all areas of my life..

Not Just In My Recovery.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

27 thoughts on “STARTING TO FALL APART


  2. Good morning Eric. Good thing you are in recovery. When activily using the addict sure doesn’t care about health. I’ll keep praying for an improvement. I’m dealing with having to be careful about wait I eat because of my GI issues. Plus I’m over too. Thankfully my BP & cholestrol are within normal liimits. I just started using an app called “Myfitnesspal” on Thursday. Check it out. It’s keeping me from over doing the calories. If I stick to it I’ll be down 10 lbs in 5 weeks. I gained 60 lbs from ’08-’10. I lost 20 of that so I really need to lose this extra 40 lbs. I was always thin except during pregnancy so I’ve been feeling horrible about the weight for quite sometime. Wishing you a very Happy Sunday.

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  3. Hey hope it’s not bad news with the X-ray. As much as it pains me to say this my friend age has a horrible way of catching up with all of us regardless of life styles in the past or present! Things wear out! It’s not cos of earlier choices in life – my dad ran marathons ate healthy didn’t smoke but still has high cholesterol had a knee and hip replacement. Eating healthy is always a good option loosing 10% body weight can lower blood pressure. Throw in a bit of exercise and you will be good in no time! Walking is good and free and didn’t you say you had a few pairs of sneakers? 😊 seriously tho Nam I hope you get positive results. Thinking of you

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    • Thank you Karen. Yes age is a factor and I am beginning to feel my age today. Lol. I have never once thought of growing old I always thought that my past lifestyle would’ve taken care of that. Being that I have a new lifestyle I guess its only right to live the part in all areas of my life. Yes I have plenty of sneakers. Lol and I also have a gym membership that is good until July. So I will be making plans to start exercising and eating healthy. I appreciate all your support and I pray all is well with you. πŸ™‚

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  4. Sorry to hear that you are going through this. I hope this cheers you up otherwise: I started a health diet (not for losing weight) today: rice, home cooked beans, eco potatoes, vegetables, little fruit, nuts, eco nut paste and olive oil – litterally nothing else. Planning to do this for 2 weeks ‘just because’. It already helps me a LOT in finding a new dimension to personal development and recognising cravings. And I had this weird experience where I realised that after having bought brown eco rice en dried beans, all that was left was the vegetable department. And you know, that is actually so very, very, very true in itself. It should be our only food. We are (well, I am) so far gone from what is right and true. 😦 You are a seeker for truth too, maybe if you look at it from that side… As you say: Not just in your recovery. πŸ™‚

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  5. Eric I am somewhat in the same boat health wise and you know about the crack in my back the problem is when we were ripping and running we didn’t care and never felt pains !!! I know somebody that got clean was clean about 10 years and died of cancer because you see unlike some of us he chose not to go to a dr to get checked out he didnt want to know !!!! I dont want to know either but I have 3 kids so it kind of pushes me range in age from 21 to 5 and they need me !!!
    So eric my friend I am glad you are doing this amen

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    • Thanks Rich. The ripping and running did a lot of damage and now that I am getting older and not using by the grace of God. I find myself wanting to know. Thank you brother for your support and encouragement. Peace and blessings.

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  6. Hey Eric. As I was reading your post today, thoughts came to mind of your accomplishments that we know of, and probably there are lots of accomplishments we are not aware of.
    Freeing yourself from the drug habit is major, and you succeeded. Now, although you may not think of it as an accomplishment, you are in a position in life where you help and encourage others through their various struggles. In the workplace you are a benefit to others, and contributing to society.
    You have already cut waaay back on cigarettes, and that is super.
    Now that you will be working towards eating healthier, and paying attention to what your Doctor says, you are taking more huge steps in your life for a better and healthier life.
    At times you may slip in one of the areas or another, like eating too many fries :), or having a fourth cigarette on a stressful day, rather than just three :). Don’t allow those instances, or the comments of others frustrate you, or pull you down. It just means a fresh start again.

    A couple days ago a thought came to my mind, it is not original with me, but I cannot remember where I heard or read it.
    “It is never bad to have tried and failed; it is only bad to have failed to try.”

    Slipping at times is not failing, so even if you have a thought placed in your mind that way, don’t believe it. We all need fresh starts, and 2nd or 3rd chances at times.

    Eric, God’s Blessings and Good Luck in your life changing endeavours.

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    • Thank you George. I like that saying its so true. It reminds me also of the slogan about relapse The shame is not in relapsing the shame is in not coming back. I am learning how to not be so hard on myself. Its a process in itself but I am becoming less critical of my failures and better at learning the lessons that they are teaching me. Thanks again for all of your support. Peace and blessings.

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  7. I hope all is well with your x-ray. I was just talking to my 11 year old about getting healthy. We have unhealthy habits and I just today told him were walking every night after dinner and the weekends no more “all day TV marathon”. So we’re going to be outside more. I mean, really, we’re not in Philly’s weather anymore. We’re in shorts today. There’s no reason to be inside.

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