As I sit here and type on my phone,  I am in the Radiology department of the hospital waiting for an x-ray to be taken on my hip. I have been having difficulty moving sometimes and been having a sharp pain for some time. I told my doctor about it and he told me that I should have it x-ray so here I am.

I have also been informed by my doctor that I have high blood pressure and cholesterol and I should lose some weight. I am at 221lbs the most I have ever weighed. I don’t feel overweight although I do need to lose my gut. Soda, fast food and fried foods among other things have to be eliminated from my diet.

I was in a funk all week because of not smoking as much and now this.

I don’t want to get worse so I will take my doctors advice and change my eating habits. It’s time to get addicted to healthy habits. I will also begin to do some exercise. I have never really paid much attention to my health. While using being healthy isn’t exactly on the top 5 things to do. But I am not using anymore so now its time to become responsible in all areas of my life..

Not Just In My Recovery.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease