I am noticing that I have been isolating lately as a result I believe from my trying to quit smoking. I think that has something to do with it because other than that I am in a good space.

My quit has been a little difficult only because I thought I was ready but I am not. I will not say I was kidding myself because I do want to quit. I just need a little more time to get used to the idea. I enjoy smoking even though it is bad for my health. I really enjoy it and that is making it difficult. I have cut down dramatically I went from almost a pack a day to 3-5 cigs a day since February 1st.

So although I have not totally stopped I am still better off than I was last week. I am not justifying my situation I am telling you what it is. I WILL quit eventually I know this. I am not buying packs of cigarettes anymore and I continue to post in my support groups my progress.

Some of us are sicker than others. Some of us take longer than others. It a process not a race. I will quit in my time.

Anyway I have been very irritable and not feeling like being bothered by people. I haven’t been on my social media sites as much and been slacking in my meeting attendance. I will be going to my home group tomorrow and I will share where I am at. I know that Isolation leaves room for my addiction to try to slide in, but I am aware of it and I am taking measures to correct it. I am not feeling like using or depressed or anything like that. I am just feeling agitated from not smoking.

That’s where I am at today.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease


  1. You’ll do it!! I’ve known people that should have stayed away while quitting cigarettes!! Lol as long as your sober and not wanting to use then you are ahead of the game!!! 3 singles instead of three packs is outstanding!

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  2. Hey Eric, it is good to see your post whenever you are up to it. You are right in the fact that you are not in a race. Quitting is on the timetable you and your body set. Cutting back as you have is great. Keep up the good work. With your writing and honesty, you are an inspiration and help to many. Take care of yourself my friend, there are great things ahead of you.

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