The Gifts of recovery.

Since coming into recovery I have been truly blessed. I have gained so many things and I know that as long as I stay in position I will gain so much more. I am talking about gains of a personal kind not those material things. Although I appreciate those too, they are not as important to me. I have learned that the material things will come and go but personal gains will remain intact and last much longer. I have also learned that nothing comes to me without putting forth the effort to obtain it. Wishing for change but doing nothing to change will leave you the same.

I have been doing so real work on a personal level. Some of the areas that I know I needed work..
My Attitude and behavior
My Lack of effort
My Focus and attention
My Commitment
My Acceptance
Thats just a few areas that I have made some real progress in. I have been getting in the habit of recognizing my progress and acknowledging it to myself. I’m not looking for pats on the back from others. I am learning how to pat myself on the back.

Growth comes in spirts and skips and then sometimes in leaps and bounds. Today I am thankful for however they come. In those areas I still have no growth, I no longer consider it a failure. I know that it will happen eventually with hard work and persistence. I am not in a race with anyone nor do I compare myself with anyone today. I grow in my time at my pace.

Today I have acceptance with who I am and where I am.

Today I am enjoying the gift of growth.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease