This morning I have an appointment with my Dr. I am here for a routine physical. The last time I had one was in 2012 so It is definitely time. I am eager to get it done because I need to know where I stand. I will have every test done that I can. I just got weighed and I am at an astonishing 221 lbs. That’s crazy, I can remember when I weighed a measly 145 – 150 lbs soaking wet with bricks in my pockets. Lol

I am grateful that I have medical insurance even if they are robbing me blind every week from my paycheck. Don’t even get me started on copays. Regardless of that I have medical insurance and can see a doctor and that is huge for this recovering addict. When I was using I didn’t have any coverage nor did I have a care about seeing any doctors.

Today I know how important it is to get check up regularly. Today I care about getting healthy. Tomorrow February 1st is my quit date for stopping smoking. I have been praying and preparing myself for this day. I have a support network in place and I believe that this time I will be successful.

Thank you to all those who are on 5his journey with me.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

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