Thats right I QUIT.

Well lets just say I am planning to quit.

I have been smoking cigarettes since my pre-teenage years. I wanted to fit in with the big boys. I thought that smoking was cool and I wanted to be cool.

I always wanted to be a part of something no matter what it was and smoking cigarettes was just one of the many things that I did. I smoked and still smoke cigarettes daily some days more than others. In my active addiction I smoke a pack or more a day sometimes.

Its funny, I have smoked for decades but I still cannot stand the smell of them or smoke in my face. Go figure. Cigarettes have been an addiction that I have struggled with off and on for a while. No matter what I tried I always found myself back lighting up.

Now I feel the affects of my nicotine addiction. I get short of breath going up stairs or running. I smell it on my clothes, hands and breath. I’ve seen the commercials on TV for years and they are finally starting to sink in. Smoking is a very bad habit that I need to quit..


I have tried to quit several times and as you can tell I was unsuccessful. I have heard it said that for some people it takes several attempts. When I think about it so did my attempts to stop using drugs. So I am going to try again. February 1st is my quit date. I am going to apply the simple process that got me clean to help me quit. Plus there are a few friends in my network who are going to quit with me. I also joined a quit forum. Support is very important and I have a foundation.

I will pray for myself, those quitting with me and all those who quit before me.

Its time to drop the cancer sticks.

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease